Music School

music school

Kitech Music School offers music training with qualified and experienced teachers. The school provides quality music education for students of all ages and at all levels. Students all over the world mow are learning music with the Kitech School of Music. Participate in guitar classes, piano classes, Sound Engineering, Songwriting, and more about the Music Business and industry through our Online Classes.

Kitech Music School offers both Intensive and Extensive Music Courses in a safe and comfortable environment in Middleburg . Students are instructed in friendly one-on-one classes. We specialize in attention to detail and focus on individually tailoring our courses to our student’s needs.

Lessons are set to a strict schedule, to offer maximum benefit to students over a short time. Intensive Courses are arranged according to the student’s needs and benefits within the framework student wishes to study. Please contact the school to enquire about Intensive Courses. These courses are extremely useful for exams or public performance, as well as training students who wish to improve in a particular area or style of music with limited time.

All music classes are individual one-on-one lessons in any instrument. These courses are recommended to students who want to learn, play and practice within a structured lesson environment. Courses are paid monthly. Goals and expectations will be set with the teacher. The course duration is for 6months a year. Developing their skills and moving up through various grades, as well as nurturing a strong love for music and their chosen instrument.