Life at KITECH

Life At Koftech


In addition to quality academics, Koftech Institue of Technology introduces its students to a more “social-side,” with our Student Council organizing a range of cultural, sport and social activities to participate in as part of our rich campus life where students are able to engage as a diverse Koftech Institue of Technology community.  Mr. & Miss KOFTECH is an example of an annual social event hosted by each campus.

Koftech Institue of Technology believes in giving back to the communities where our institutions are located. Students can get involved in a variety of community projects such as being part of the up campaign. By joining the Eco Forum you will help keep the community around your college clean. Or become a volunteer who assists non-profit organizations with events, fundraising or other community service projects. There are always so many activities to choose from.

Our student support team provides


  • Wellness services, by managing life skills development programmes
  • Corporate social investment
  • We also assist students academically through additional skills programmes and workshops


One of the key purposes of studying is to be prepared for the workplace. To prepare students for the world of work, Koftech institute of Technology offers Work Integrated learning (WIL) as a credit-bearing module. If you do not meet the requirements for the module you will not be credited for it and will not be able to graduate. Work Integrated Learning (also known as experiential learning) is an opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge in a work environment (real or simulated) or to complete work-related tasks so that you can learn while doing and develop a clear understanding of which skills you have indeed mastered. Learning from experience is one of the most important and natural means of learning.

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The programme was created to prepare our students for the world of work, as we realised that students needed to be career coached and prepared in other ways for employment. The programme aims to empower KOFTECH graduates with the tools that will allow them to find employment that matches their skill set and qualifications.