Our library is the heart and life-line of the college. The quality of teaching, learning, and research are predicated on the availability, accessibility and utilization of library and information resources. Libraries have been the repositories of the wisdom of mankind throughout the ages. Our Library is the source of education inspiration and intellectual food on which lecturers, researchers, administrators, and students are nourished.

The library at Koftech Institute of Technology is known as the “Centre for Learning and knowledge centre” (CFK). Koftech Institute of Technology Library has fully computerized all routine activities and can boast of a functional virtual library service, which gives staff and students, access to the Web Public Access and any information.

Vision Statement

To give our students all over the world quality information and reference Resource Centre in support of teaching, learning, research and scholarship geared towards capacity building, in the quest of raising a new generation of leaders.

Mission Statements

  • Build, maintain and preserve diverse information resources to support teaching, learning, and research
  • Provide life-long learning skills to our students all over the world.
  • Free library services to the community around the campus.
  • Provide digital innovations for access to the global information network
  • To ensure cutting-edge deployment of ICT in library and information services

Wireless access points

Wireless hot spots exist in the library, wireless LAN enabled devices ranging from laptops, desktops fitted with wireless cards and handheld devices connect seamlessly to both the intranet and internet.

Internet Service

Internet access to the library is provided using fiber optic cables. The Internet Service is very functional, accessible to users 24hours in a week (Saturdays and Sundays inclusive). Koftech library website exists regularly featuring the library electronic bulletin.