Bachelor of Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology


The multidisciplinary nature of this Diploma prepares you for work in many areas in the Information Technology industry

you will develop practical skills with an emphasis on managing operating systems, designing software, analyzing systems, building network applications and programming. Over and above this, you will cover topics such as human-computer interaction, internet server management, e-commerce, and social practices and security. You will also develop a broad theoretical foundation in various core areas of information technology such as information systems, computer science, software development, database design, and project management.

You will also develop essential skills for the world of work, such as analytical and abstract thinking, effective decision-making, self-discipline, being innovative, adapting to change, working in teams and communicating effectively.

Career options

Ever wish you could design your own Apps or software?

The career choices for you, as a Diploma holder in Information Technology, are varied and employment opportunities exist in both IT and in business:

  • Database administration
  • IT management
  • Programming
  • Software development
  • Systems analysis and design